It's World Radio Day! All the Ways You Can Listen to RADIO.COM

Radio is the farthest reaching platform. According to the United Nations , radio is the most widely consumed medium today. And in 2020, there are more ways than ever to listen. To celebrate World Radio Day, which is Feb. 13, we’re here to remind you of all the ways that the RADIO.COM app can make...
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It's International App Day! 5 Reasons You Need the RADIO.COM App

Smartphone apps are designed to make your life easier. National App Day, which is Dec. 11, celebrates all the possibilities that apps afford us. The word “app” as we use it is relatively young. In 2010, it was listed as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society. But despite its newness,...
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Apple Buys Shazam for Reported $400 Million

Apple has bought the music discovery app Shazam for roughly $400 million.
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