Minneapolis Police

Third Day of George Floyd Protests Sees St. Paul, Downtown Minneapolis and Suburbs Involved

As the protests over the death of George Floyd entered their third day, it extended into St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs well into the night.
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Minneapolis Police Third Precinct Overtaken, on Fire

Minneapolis Police’s third precinct building has been overtaken by protesters and set on fire. The third precinct has been a targeted building since the beginning of the George Floyd protests. See the details.
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Photos of Damage to Precinct, Police Cars Show Rage on Streets of Minneapolis Over George Floyd Death

The Minneapolis Police Department released pictures of the damage done during the protests of the death of George Floyd, images that drove home the sense of rage on the streets.
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Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Calls for Death Penalty for Former Cop in George Floyd Killing

Appearing on CNN on Thursday, retired NBA player Stephen Jackson said he wants to see justice served in the case that prompted nationwide protests and riots.
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Mayhem in Minneapolis as George Floyd Protests Continue

Protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota continued for the second day for George Floyd. Chemical irritants and rubber bullets were deployed after some protesters broke windows and damaged police cars.
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Should Knee to the Neck Maneuver Be Banned for Police?

The death of George Floyd after a knee to the neck maneuver by Minneapolis Police has raised the question about whether that’s a standard procedure for police officers around America
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