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Safaree Samuels

Cleezy Report: Safaree Shows Off Life-Sized Sex Toy

He's very excited about it.
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Cleezy Report: Your Daughter Is Probably Old Enough For Deodorant

A fight at Disneyland? C'mon!
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Joe Clair & Friends Comedy Show

Joe Clair & Friends Comedy Show Saturday July 6th at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club Featuring Comedians Freddie Ricks, TY Davis, & Tommy Chunn Two Shows 7pm & 10pm
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Cleezy Report: Meet The Grandma Who Got Handcuffed Just For Fun

Is Khloe Kardashian really in love again?
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Kim Kardashian

Cleezy Report: What Kind of Soda Bottle Matches Your Body Type?

Joe's take on Kim K's "Shapewear."
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The Cleezy Report: Can Lips Be Too Black For ChapStick?

It's a valid question.
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WATCH: Imprisoned Dads, Daughters Reconnect at Dept. Of Correction's Dance

Joe thanks all of the daughters for having the courage to reconnect with their dads.
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LISTEN: How To Protect LGBTQ Lives in D.C. Community With Elle Hearns

The institute protects and defends the rights of black transgender people.
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WATCH: What Biggie told Joe Clair Right Before His Death

The interview was recorded on February 24, 1997.
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Photos: Joe Clair DMV Beat Social

Joe Clair and WPGC hosted the DMV Beat Social where local musicians and producers showcased their hottest beats. Follow @WPGC on Twitter and Instagram
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