Joe Clair

Cleezy Report: That Time You Drank Too Much Cisco

Listen to the full Cleezy Report.
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Cleezy Report: A Gentrified Pitbull?

Plus a Remy Ma update.
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Cleezy Report: Why Are Delivery Drivers Touching Our Food?

And a lesson about that ice cream you think you need.
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YBN Cordae Inspired By 'Dope' D.C. Culture

Cordae said he was influenced by the unique aspects of D.C. culture growing up.
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Cleezy Report: Don't Bring Weed To The Courthouse

And someone bit off her boyfriend's thumb?
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Ben Carson

Cleezy Report: Does Ben Carson Know How To Pronounce 'Oreo?'

Catch the latest in this morning's Cleezy Report in the video above.
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Cleezy Report: No Way This Woman Invented The Hair Bonnet

Joe also details an incident involving Future's body guard.
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LISTEN: 'Confessions Of A Side Chick' Cast Takes Over Joe Clair Morning Show

We learned where the play's story came from.
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Megan Thee Stallion

Cleezy Report: Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj Won't Stop Commenting on Each Other's Posts

Joe Clair responds to the Instagram spree.
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Cleezy Report: A Man Hid Cocaine Under His Wig

Is it too hot for summer lovin'? Joe Clair considers.
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