Joe Clair

Cleezy Report: Let's Not Worry About Wendy Williams

Plus, a note on D.C. potentially becoming a state.
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Cleezy Report: Do We Believe Joe Biden's 'Corn Pop' Story?

Plus, the story of a man suing a fertility clinic for having the wrong baby.
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Michelle Obama is going on tour.

Cleezy Report: Did You Come Up During CBC Weekend?

And Michelle Obama is going on a speaking tour.
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Cleezy Report: Grandma Has That Magical Beard

We all know one.
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Cleezy Report: We Aren't Stealing Babies

Plus, a note on brunch.
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Cleezy Report: Don't Make Another Baby With Kids Back At School

Plus, details on Fetty Wap and Rick Ross.
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Cleezy Report: Grandma's Beard Is Weird

Listen to the full Cleezy Report.
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Cleezy Report: Does Kim Kardashian Have An Extra Toe?

Plus, it's Chuck Brown's birthday.
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What is really in that off-brand almond milk?

Cleezy Report: Joe Clair's New Mixtape Inspired By Off-Brand Almond Milk

And Kanye West's utopian community is upsetting neighbors.
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Cleezy Report: Watch Out For Tight Jeans

Plus, details on a man who got fired for insulting police.
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