The Joe Clair Morning Show

Joe Clair explains the dialect of the southern pg county kid.

Cleezy Report: This Is How You Talk When You're From Maryland

And The Joe Clair Morning Show loves Natasha Cloud.
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Joe Clair suugests a man bra for support.

Cleezy Report: A Couple Reasons Why You Need A Man Bra

Get yours in army green or camo.
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T.I. had to use all the big words on this one.

Cleezy Report: $750,000 Worth Of Jewelry Was Stolen From Tiny's Lambo

T.I. had to use a lot of big words for this one.
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The Joe Clair Morning Show stopped by Kitchen Cray for Cleezy and coffee.

PHOTOS: The Cleezy And Coffee Run Makes A Stop At Kitchen Cray

The Joe Clair Morning Show brodcasted live from Kitchen Cray in Lanham, Maryland on Monday morning. Fans were able to meet their favorite personalities and enjoy free coffee and breakfast before heading into work. Follow @WPGC on Twitter and Instagram
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Joe Clair, Sunni and Guy Lambert of the Joe Clair Morning Show

Cleezy and Coffee Runs @ Kitchen Cray

Join The Joe Clair Morning Show and WPGC for the launch of our Cleezy & Coffee Runs! We'll be broadcasting LIVE from Kitchen Cray in Lanham. Stop by, grab some breakfast and a cup of coffee and kick it with us before you head in the J-O-B! Friday October 4th!
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Can the work retreat start off with The Wobble?

Cleezy Report: Rethink The Wobble At The Work Retreat

Not everyone's stomach is built for that.
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Joe Clair has been to some hood churches.

Cleezy Report: Newports In The Pews?

Joe Clair talks hood churches and Young Dro's banana pudding attack.
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Back to school clothes will be old by the end of the week.

Cleezy Report: Little Kids Don't Wear Deodorant

Today's Cleezy Report is brought to you by summertime in September.
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Michelle Obama is going on tour.

Cleezy Report: Did You Come Up During CBC Weekend?

And Michelle Obama is going on a speaking tour.
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A boy lost his eyesight due to poor eating habits.

Cleezy Report: This Is What Happens When Mama's Cooking Just Isn't That Good

And the "Hot Girl Summer" music video has Twitter debating" could Nicki take some twerk lessons from Megan Thee Stallion?
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