'Sesame Street' Addresses Addiction With Newest Muppet

“Sesame Street” has done it again, introducing another character to help more families relate to the children’s show. This time, they’ve brought in a mother struggling to overcome addiction. Between homelessness, divorce, autism, and incarceration, “Sesame Street” isn’t afraid to tackle the tough...
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Beyoncé’s Dad Mathew Knowles Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Beyonce ’s father and former manager, Mathew Knowles, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 67-year-old made the revelation to “ Good Morning America ” in an interview with Michael Strahan. . @MathewKnowles ’ message for others after his breast cancer diagnosis: “I’m hoping by me coming here...
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Medical marijuana dispensaries will open in Virginia.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Headed To Virginia

Five new facilities are expected to open within the next year.
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That Warm Shower Before Bed Really Does Help You Sleep

PHILADELPHIA ( KYW Newsradio ) — Having trouble falling asleep? Showering at the right time and temperature can help. A nice warm shower or bath about an hour or two before bed will help your body temperature regulate to the ideal range for sleep, according to Dr. Rich Friedenheim, the medical...
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Macy's Faces Backlash For Plates That 'Fuel Eating Disorders'

The plates have circles that appear to divide up portions.
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Sleeping With TV on Might Cause Weight Gain, Study Says

Think twice before falling asleep with the TV on.
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A new study shows over half of Americans are not showering before swimming

Bathing Before Swimming is Less Common Than You May Think

A new report shows that over half of Americans do not shower before swimming.
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A study shows women are diagnosed later than men for the same disease.

Study Shows Women Tend to be Diagnosed Later than Men

It found women to be diagnosed an average of FOUR years later than men.
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D.C. Officials Search for Solutions to the Scourge of K2 Overdoses

There were 3,488 total cases of suspected K2 overdoses in 2018.
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Is Using Law Enforcement a Solution for D.C.’s Opioid Epidemic?

Vincent Gray described the mayor's actions as “troubling” and “dismissive."
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