Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Had a Plan to Give Back

Though the rapper was taken from us too soon, he leaves a legacy of philanthropy.
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Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett is a Nominee for an NAACP Image Award

It's unknown whether Smollett will attend.
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A mom wants everyone to know leggings should not be worn, ever.

This Mom has One Request: Stop Wearing Leggings

Maryann White wants us all to "respect ourselves"
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Rick Ross

Rick Ross Defends Cardi B in Midst of Social Media Backlash

Ross said Cardi B should not be judged for her past actions.
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Walt Disney World introduces new ban on smoking and strollers.

Disney Introduces New Ban on Large Strollers and Smoking

The ban limit prohibits strollers larger than 31” in width and 52” in length.
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Bangladeshi woman discovered she had two uteruses after giving birth to twins.

Woman with 2 Uteruses Gives Birth to Twins

The Bangladeshi woman delivered the twins nearly a month after she gave birth to her first child.
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School Bus

7 Sued for Falsifying Residency to Get Students Admitted to DC Schools

The parents involved claimed D.C. residency despite living in Maryland.
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Ice-T says he loves dogs more than people.

Ice-T Probably Loves His Dogs More Than You Do

He really, really loves his dogs.
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Michael Jordan turns down $1 million deal because he did not want to say "Beanee Weenies".

Micheal Jordan Won't Say 'Beanee Weenees'. Not Even for $1 Million.

Jordan turned down an endorsement deal in the 90s over the phrase "Beanee Weenes".
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Lonzo Ball typically covers his Big Baller Brand tat while playing. Now the cover up is permanent.

Lonzo Ball Covered Up Big Baller Brand Tattoo

Another sign that Big Baller Brand is done?
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