Delonte West formerly played with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Police Suspend Officer Supected Of Leaking Video Of Delonte West

Read the latest developments concerning former NBA player Delonte West, who was recorded being handcuffed by police in a video that has been heavily circulated on social media.
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HBO released a trialer for "We Are The Dream."

WATCH: HBO Trailer 'We Are The Dream' Will Remind You What Dr. King Fought For

The documentary will follow students leading up to the 40th annual Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest.
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DaBaby speaks out concerning a recent altercation.

DaBaby Responds After Video Surfaces Of An Altercation With Hotel Employee

TMZ posted a video of the incident on Saturday.
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We celebrate MLK.

12 Of The Most Powerful MLK Quotes Of All Time

As we honor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy, we reflect on some of the biggest lessons and the strongest memories he left us with. Dr. King's dream continues to live on through his words. Follow @WPGC on Twitter and Instagram
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Celebrate MLK Day.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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D.C. resident to sue rental property over income discrimination.

D.C. Woman Sues Renter After Alleged Refusual Of Housing Voucher

Tiana Martin was allegedly told “Unfortunately we do not accept Section 8.”
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Gov. Ralph Northam declaring a state of emergency ahead of gun rally.

Virginia Declares State Of Emergency Prior To Gun Rally

A state of emergency was declared due to potential "malicious plans" for a gun rally set to take place on Monday.
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Prince George's County is hosting job fair for bus drivers.

Prince George's County And Fairfax County Seeking New Bus Drivers

Both counties will hold bus driver job fairs on Wednesday.
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Issa Rae and more call out the biggest Oscar nominee snubs.

Issa Rae And More Weigh In On The Biggest Oscars 2020 Nominee Snubs

Many have called out the Academy for lack of diversity, once again.
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Baltimore Ravens fans blame Drake for playoffs loss.

Fans Are Blaming The 'Drake Curse' For Ravens Recent Loss

Has the curse returned?
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