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WPGC Presents Non Stop Til November – Your WPGC Election 2020 Headquarters

DMV – WPGC wants to make sure you’re educated, informed and prepared to vote in the 2020 Presidential General Election. That’s why we’ll be going NON STOP TIL NOVEMBER, providing information, updates and resources to get you through the most important election of our time. Let’s address the issues...
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Baltimore Homes Explode, Leaving 1 Dead, 4 Critically Injured

One person is dead, four are critically injured and at least one person is believed to be trapped after three homes exploded in Baltimore on Monday morning.
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Juneteenth: Why the 155-Year-Old Holiday Is Now in the Spotlight, Amid ‘Black Lives Matter' Protest

From Tulsa, Oklahoma to Montgomery, Alabama, Juneteenth represents freedom and symbolizes the hazards and hopes of Black America throughout the years. It is not a national federal holiday, but the possibility looks promising.
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Merriam-Webster to Change Definition of 'Racism' After Request by Missouri Woman

Kennedy Mitchum says internet trolls were copy-and-pasting the definition of racism to try and prove she didn’t understand the word. But soon that definition will change.
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Starbucks Reverses Course, Will Let Employees Wear Black Lives Matter Apparel

Starbucks on Friday said it would allow baristas to wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts and accessories, amid growing backlash over an internal bulletin that said letting employees do so would violate company policy.
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Amazon Announces One-Year Ban on Police Using Its Facial Recognition Software

Amazon announced that it is banning police from using its facial recognition software for a year as pressure on companies mounts following the murder of George Floyd in police custody. Read more now.
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Photos of Damage to Precinct, Police Cars Show Rage on Streets of Minneapolis Over George Floyd Death

The Minneapolis Police Department released pictures of the damage done during the protests of the death of George Floyd, images that drove home the sense of rage on the streets.
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Businesses are allowing customers to pay meals forward.

Provide A Meal For Others With 'Food It Forward' Program

We're in this together. And this is one way to help out.
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Maryland and Virginia issue stay home orders.

Entire D.C. Region Under 'Stay-at-Home' Orders

The orders from all three jurisdictions call for residents to remain at home -- unless they are performing an essential function or need something essential.
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More and more businesses and organizations close due to coronavirus.

What's Closed, Canceled or Changed Amid Coronavirus

We're all in this together. And there's a lot happening. Check back daily for updates on the latest coronavirus news and its impact on you, the WPGC listener.
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