D.C. Lawmaker Wants To Make Aug. 22 'Chuck Brown Day'

The city is celebrating Brown's birthday Saturday.
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Megan Thee Stallion Looking Toward 'Hot Nerd Fall'

Megan Thee Stallion coined the phrase of the summer when she said it was going to be a “hot girl summer.” Now, the artist is already looking toward the fall. She’s still in school and is focusing on who is going to surround her during a new semester. “It’s gonna be a real hot girl semester, you...
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The scent of marijuana will no longer be enough to warrant a car search in Maryland.

Marijuana Stench No Longer Equals Probable Cause To Search A Person In Maryland

The Court of Appeals ruled 7-0 in the decision.
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How A Rusty Van With Bullet Holes Turned Into One Of D.C.'s Most Popular Food Trucks

By Scott Gelman Matt Jones arrived at the D.C. intersection of 7th and F street on Wednesday afternoon prepared to order the same milkshake made in a retro van he has requested for five years. As owner Brandon Byrd emerged from the van, which blasts Motown classics, Jones ordered “The Jitterbug,” a...
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Jay-Z faces backlash over NFL deal.

Jay- Z Faces Backlash Over NFL Deal As Kaepernick Is Still Out Of Work

Many Kaepernick supporters pointed out that the deal may overlook injustices.
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Common Uses Song Lyrics To 'Put A Spark' In Listeners

Common revealed what motivates him to make new songs.
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Get Your Tech Fixed For Free In D.C. This Weekend

In 2018, more than 500 residents attended the event.
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Wale's 'Everything Is Fine' Tour Coming To Silver Spring

The tour arrives in October.
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Joe Clair Is Celebrating Nipsey Hussle's Birthday With These Hits

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was one of three people shot at a Los Angeles strip mall in March. Hussle died from the gunshot wounds, leaving other artists and fans mourning the loss of the legend. On Thursday, Hussle would have turned 34. WPGC's Joe Clair remembered the late rapper with these three hits. "...
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Maryland Adding LGBTQ, Disability Rights Lessons To High School History Curriculum

It's expected to be drafted by 2020.
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