This Proposal Could Get Maryland Public Schools More Funding

November 25, 2019
Young children gather together in front of a teacher, who is reading a book.

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In 2016 the Kirwan Commission was created in an effort to develop a plan for policy and funding reform concerning Maryland's public education system.

Three years land tons of research later, the Commission voted to present its recommendations to legislators. The recommendations would include both local and state governments increasing education funding.

However, some believe the increase would show up as a tax increase for Maryland residents. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, has made it clear that he thinks education funding can be a priority without passing the Kirwan Commissions recommendations.

“Some good ideas have been discussed, but the commission mostly focused on simply increasing spending, rather than real accountability measures and better results for our children,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

The total cost of implementing the plan would come out to around $4 billion.

Maryland General Assembly will make a deciding vote on the proposal in January.

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