Odor In Prince George's Town Caused Gagging, Burning Sensations

September 6, 2019

File Photo - AaronAmat / Getty Images


An odor in a Prince George’s County town has caused residents to gag and feel burning in the back of their throats.

Cheverly officials said residents alerted them to the stench, which was strong enough to wake them up while sleeping, the town said in a news release. 

The city hasn’t been able to identify the source of the strong odors. 

“We take the matter of our air quality and impacts to our community's health very seriously and are closely following the situation,” the city said. “Be assured that we will share further details once sound information is available.”

The town said some reports about odors “have proven inaccurate and contradictory.” 

The Cheverly town administrator contacted Washington Gas, WSSC, PEPCO and the Bladensburg Fire Department to try and identify the source of the odor. 

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