Non-Profit Offers Free Trips To Africa For Young Adults Of African Descent

February 25, 2020
Birthright Africa helps people of African heritage learn more about their culture.

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During Black History Month the history of the African experience in America is widely circulated. Schools teach about several historical firsts that date back to the time of slavery. But what about the firsts that began in the before our ancestors set foot in the Americas? That is the history that the New York based nonprofit organization Birthright AFRICA hopes to instill in youth and young adults of African descent.

The organization facilitates free trips to select countries in Africa for children and young adults ages 13 through 30.

"Through travel and project-based learning in collaboration with our partners, we aim to instill pride, enhance confidence, and spark the creativity of our Scholars to fulfill their leadership and entrepreneurial aspirations," the site reads.

The organization welcomes a new cohorts that get to embark on a trip that many find to be life changing.

"National Black History Month often focuses on the past, but this is about creating an infrastructure so that we can help people transform their futures," Birthright AFRICA co-founder Diallo Shabazz said.

"This isn't about validating black identity. It's about providing an opportunity for people to explore their ancestry."

To register to become a Birthright AFRICA scholar, applicants must fill out a form online

If you would like to donate to the program check out the page here.

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