Kappas Outraged After Lil Boosie Wears Sweater With Fraternity Letters

January 9, 2020
Lil Boosie faces backlash after wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images


Lil Boosie shared an image on social media that featured him wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt, and the internet isn’t pleased. 

When he posted several pictures and videos at the Houston Rockets game when they faced the Atlanta Hawks, fans were frustrated he was repping the letters without being a member of the fraternity. 

“Boosie I understand you made wipe me down and all….and the Nupes stroll to it BUT THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL TO BE WEARING OUR LETTERS AND YOUR NOT IN THE ORGANIZATION,” one user commented on the post,

Many comments echoed that sentiment. 

“Love you my G but that shirt gotta be handed over to US!!” another user wrote. 

As social media users expressed their outrage, Boosie responded by saying he was in the mall looking for a sweater when he bought the fraternity merchandise. He said he knew it was a Kappa sweater but “thought I would get love from wearing it not hate.” 

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