Don't Use Vaping Products With THC, FDA Warns

October 7, 2019

In the midst of deaths and illnesses across the U.S. related to vaping products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is recommending the public refrain from using such products containing THC. 

The agency also said those who use vaping products shouldn’t modify or add THC or other oils to the products. 

The new warning comes as the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention said 1,080 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarettes and vaping products have been reported as of Oct. 1. 

Eighteen deaths in 15 states have also been reported, the CDC said. 

“For those who choose to continue the use of vaping products, particularly those containing THC, we urge you to monitor for symptoms and promptly seek medical attention if you have concerns about your health,” the FDA said. 

The FDA has an online portal where reports of vaping-related health or product issues can be reported.

Most of the patients with health issues said they had use THC-containing products in the past, the CDC said. 

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