Fans Hail Rihanna Queen of Representation for Curvaceous Mannequins

June 19, 2019
Rihanna poses in a magenta strappy dress and long burgundy braids at the New York pop-up shop event for her Fenty clothing line.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images


By Cameron Jenkins

From her inclusive 50 shade Fenty Beauty foundations, to her unapologetic music, it is no secret that Rihanna has made it her mission to celebrate real women.

The latest example of this was flawlessly showcased in a New York pop-up shop for her Fenty fashion brand.

Mannequins placed throughout the event captivated show-goers not only for their impeccable fashion, but also for their curvaceous and realistic bodies.

"I can’t even express how good these @FentyOfficial Manniquins make me feel at this pop up. Thank you @rihanna for always representing," @RAVIEB wrote on Twitter.

And she wasn't alone in her feelings.

Several other women chimed in to express how the mannequins made them feel represented in high fashion.

"Yoooo these are a game changer! wow how representative of the “average” real woman. LOVE IT, " @KSlayNoir tweeted.

"I’d never thought I’d look at at mannequin and see myself. It’s like I look at it and see that I could wear what it’s wearing," @FREEXBijouX wrote.

"Wow this mannequin shaped like me," @Laviish_Lay tweeted.

Rihanna continues to exemplify why representation matters and she slays the game while doing it.

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