Eddie Murphy Will Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award At Critics' Choice Awards

December 31, 2019
Eddie Murphy is honored with a Lifetime Achievement award.

Lars Niki / Stringer / Getty Images


Eddie Murphy is ending 2019 with a bang. After a successful return to the spotlight -- preparing for upcoming films such as "Coming To America 2" and returning to SNL after 35 years --Murphy is continuing to cash in on his comic genius.

He will be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Critics' Choice Awards.

The Critics' Choice Association acknowledged Murphy's success in the motion picture business stating that he is "one of the industry's top-five box-office performers overall" and "on the very short list of actors who have starred in multiple $100 million pictures over the past three decades" in a press release.

The awards will air on The CW on January 12 at 7 p.m. and will be hosted by Taye Diggs.

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