D.C. Is A Step Closer To Allowing Medical Marijuana Use In Public Schools

September 18, 2019

Public school students in the District are a step closer to being able to use medical marijuana during the school day. 

Council member David Grosso introduced the legislation, which the council then passed unanimously. It’s now awaiting Mayor Muriel Bowser’s approval. 

“No student should have to choose between attending school & receiving effective medical treatment,” Grosso said in a tweet. 

Grosso said Tuesday the law as it is now fails students because it only allows medical marijuana use in residential or medical facilities.

The “Student Medical Marijuana Patient Fairness Emergency Amendment Act of 2019” says “a student and the student’s family should not have to choose between taking an effective medication and being at school.” 

Because Grosso introduced the proposal as emergency legislation, the council will still have to pass a permanent version of the law in the coming weeks. 

The legislation won’t impact private schools. 

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