D.C., Prince George's County To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day And Native American Day

October 10, 2019
D.C. passes legislation changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

David McNew / Stringer / Getty Images


Many states across the country are beginning to celebrate the indigenous peoples of America in place of Columbus Day. The national holiday, which is typically observed on the second Monday of October is swiftly approaching and governing bodies in both The District and Maryland are opting to pass legislation to make the observance official.

Recently the DC Council voted to rename Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples' Day. The new name was supported by a 10 member approval vote and is currently awaiting the signature of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Prince George's County Maryland isn't too far behind on changing Columbus Day's name either. Legislation was introduced by city council proposing to rename the holiday Native American Day.

"For the purpose of recognizing the history, culture, and accomplishments of Native Americans in Prince George's County and across the nation by renaming Columbus Day to Native American Day in Prince George's County," the bill reads.

Council members Mel Franklin, Monique Anderson-Walker, Thomas E. Dernoga, Calvin S. Hawkins, Rodney C. Streeter, Deni L. Taveras, Sydney J. Harrison, Derrick Leon Davis, Todd M. Turner and Dannielle M. Glaros are all sponsors of the bill.

"Beginning in 2020, Prince George's County will recognize the second Monday in Oct as Native American Day instead of Columbus Day," Council member Mel Franklin wrote on Twitter.

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