Black-Owned D.C. Funeral Parlor Closes From Gentrification, Fewer Funerals

September 9, 2019

File Photo - dragana991 / Getty Images


After nearly 80 years of organizing funerals in the D.C. community, the black-owned Hall Brothers Funeral Home is closing its doors. 

The facility helped to arrange four funerals last year, down from its 140 average between 1950 and 1980, the Associated Press reported. 

The funeral parlor’s dwindling business was the result of customers who died or were forced to leave because of gentrification, according to The Washington Post. 

Owner Richard Ables sold the business last week. 

"If we saw a white person, we'd ask, 'What are you doing here?' Now it's the opposite,” Ables said in an interview with the Post. 

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