A Go-Go Museum Is Headed To Anacostia

January 8, 2020
A Go-Go museum is in the works.

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A Go-Go museum could be just on the horizion for historic Anacostia.

Community advocate Ronald Moten and Check It Enterprises Culture Center have poured years of time and resources into creating a space that will be dedicated to "the preservation of the cultural artifacts and legacy of the entire Go-Go music scene," according to a press release.

The museum, which will also include a cafe and performance space, has been in the works since 2008. Within the last four years a total of $70,000 has been raised towards the project.

A gofundme page has been created to raise a remainder of $25,000 in order to make the space fully functional by spring 2020.

The hope is that the multifunctional space will provide "an outlet for the Go-Go music industry, but it will also serve as a place where artists can come to showcase their talents while also helping to preserve D.C.’s music, history, and culture by teaching the next generation of Go-Go artists," the release states.

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