70 Percent Of D.C. Drivers Stopped In A Month Were Black

September 10, 2019

File Photo - Evgen_Prozhyrko / Getty Images


Black drivers in the District are stopped more frequently than any others, according to new D.C. police data recorded over a month this summer. 

The information doesn’t surprise local law enforcement officials, who said the data is consistent with its other information on traffic stops and arrests. The department also said racial bias is not necessarily the reason for the disproportionate number of stops. 

“We caution readers not to simply compare the demographics of persons stopped in DC with the demographics of the city’s population,” the department said in the report. 

From July 22 to Aug. 18, D.C. police conducted 11,600 traffic stops, the report said. The majority of those stops were made to issue a traffic ticket.

D.C. police said it will partner with The Lab @ DC, which works with local government agencies, to evaluate whether the traffic stops are the result of bias. 

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