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White Woman Calls Police on Black Family BBQing, Instantly Becomes a Meme

May 14, 2018

By: Eyasu Delesa

A white woman who called the police on a black family that was barbecuing at a public park has turned into a viral meme.

The woman said she called police to Lake Merritt in Oakland because "it is illegal to have a charcoal grill in the park,"  KRON reports.

The family was using charcoal grilling in a non-charcoal grilling location, though no citations were given out, according to KRON.

"This is exactly what is the problem with Oakland today. This lady wants to sit here and call the police on them for having a barbeque at the lake as if this is not normal," a witness told KRON.

After the story circulated on social media, the woman who called the cops instantly became a viral meme.

Hello officer, it’s me Susan. I’ve found myself at an ethnic gathering and they keep claiming it’s LIT. I think they’re about to start a fire. I don’t feel safe

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Hello officer, it’s me Susan. There are some Black People dancing and creating some form of line with soul. I don’t feel safe.

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