WATCH: Woman Smashes Bus Window, Runs Over Pedestrian in Viral Road Rage Video in NE D.C.

August 31, 2018

By Eyasu Delesa

After nearly crashing with a bus on Bladensburg Road in Northeast D.C., a woman allegedly jumped out of her car and began smashing the windows of the bus with a baseball bat, police say. She then ran over a pedestrian who was trying to impede her path to leave. 

The incident occurred Thursday in the 1800 Block of Bladensburg Road, D.C. police tell WPGC.

The woman overtook the Greyhound bus' path of travel, resulting in another vehicle being sideswiped, police say. 

When the driver of the third car tried to address the woman, she "grew irate and broke into a verbal argument," police say.

The bus driver told the woman "You're a crazy driver, you need to get off the road."

This is when the woman went into the trunk of her gold Audi, pulled out a wooden baseball bat, and began hitting the right side of the Greyhound bus-- eventually cracking the windshield. She then went back into her trunk and pulled out a silver jack and struck  the other vehicle, resulting in a crack in the window.   

The suspect was last seen traveling southbound on the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road.

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