Humpback whale

Manny Crisostomo/Sacramento Bee/MCT/Sipa USA

WATCH: Woman Calls Cops on Group of Whales Surrounding Boat

October 9, 2018

By Erin Thibeau

A family's close encounter with a group of humpback whales is going viral on Twitter.

A video, originally posted on Facebook September 29, shows whales curiously approaching the Lucianna family's boat as it drifts on the Puget Sound, off the coast of Washington.

While one man seems enthralled by the incredibly rare opportunity to see these peaceful mammals up close, one woman gets frightened and decides to call 911.

"I'm out in Puget Sound and there's three gray whales, and I'm afraid we might get flipped over, and I'm really scared," she tells the dispatcher.

Watch the video below:

Naturally, people on Twitter pointed out how ridiculous it is to involve the authorities in a whale sighting.

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