Malik the Dope Drummer

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Watch this Very Dope D.C. Version of the Shiggy Challenge

July 11, 2018

By: Eyasu Delesa

There's nothing like D.C. culture.

Well-known D.C. drummer and artist Malik the Dope Drummer teamed up with a live band and killed the 'DoTheShiggy' dance challenge.  The video, posted one day ago, shows a violinist, guitar player, someone on the keys, another on the mic and one person hitting a sturdy milly rock in the background.

This explains today’s vibe when DC artist unite ---- #DCorNothing ✨ @marvillousbeats -- @sonnywildemusic -- @itslorynn -- @jetcapriest -- @deethedrummer -- @theeunknowns -- @kenny.sway -- @king_high -- ✨ TAG @theshiggyshow @champagnepapi @balleralert @theshaderoom @worldstar ✨ #washingtondc #Repost #Share #streetperformer #kekechallenge #inmyfeelings #inmyfeelingschallenge #shiggystomp #dotheshiggy @obj #worldstar #DMV #definitionofpercussionentertainment

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This might be a little biased but this is by far the best #InMyFeelingsChallenge that I've seen.

Drake may have the song of the summer on his hands with "In My Feelings," a fun, smooth track off his latest album "Scorpion" that's gone even more viral thanks to  comedian and online personality Shiggy a.k.a @TheShiggyShow.

Standing in the middle of the street Shiggy, who has quite the social media following, breaks the dance out after Drake asks “Keke do you love me?" on the track.

The moves match the lyrics of the upbeat song featuring the city girls. It didn't take long for #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #DoTheShiggy to start trending. 

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