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WATCH: PGCPS Employee Admits to Calling Man the N-Word Over Parking Dispute

November 14, 2018

By Eyasu Delesa

A  white Prince George's County Public Schools employee was captured on camera admitting to calling a woman's husband the N-word over a parking dispute.

"Did you just call my husband the N-word," Dawn Nichelle Lennon asked in the video she posted to her Facebook.

"Yea, I did," the woman answers.

Nichelle Lennon says the woman used the slur because she did not like how her husband moved out of the parking spot at a Walmart store in La Plata .

At this point, it's unclear what exactly the woman does for PGCPS, but the school system did confirm their employee was involved in the matter.

The school county addressed the altercation on Twitter.

"PGCPS is aware of a video on social media involving an employee. We are working to address parent & community concerns," the tweet started. "Diversity & tolerance are our core values. We expect all members of the PGCPS community — administrators, faculty, staff & students — to behave in a respectful manner."

The employee is currently under investigation, according to Fox 5 D.C.

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