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Wale: 'Me Being Dark Skinned' Hurt Me in Music Industry

May 4, 2018

By: Eyasu Delesa

Wale believes that "being a dark skinned rapper" has hurt him in the rap game.

After a fan asked the D.C. rapper if he thinks his expressive passion for music hurt him from being mentioned with the rest of his class, Wale mentioned that "being a dark skinned (not half white) rapper direct decent from Africa" (also) hurt him in the industry.

Given that Wale entered the game alongside J. Cole, a "light skin" rapper, and has since struggled to keep pace in terms of success, it's hard to blame Wale for his theory. Of course there will be naysayers who say Wale is just making excuses.

Karen Civil, a big time influencer in the music space, questioned the context of Wale's comments on Twitter.

"Gucci, Wayne, T Greezly, future, migos... I could keep going.." Civil wrote in response to Bossip's tweet on the story.

"I think u know what I meant . I think u really know," Wale responded.

"Add context to the statement so there is no confusion," Civil told Wale.

Do you think Wale has a legitimate point or is he making excuses for himself? 

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