U.S. Could Face French Fry Shortage Due To Crop Damage

December 4, 2019
French fries.

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A cut back on domestically produced fries could be in the near future.

This year's potato harvest in the U.S. and Canada fell short due to unusually cold and wet weather and resulted in many damaged crops.

Farmers in in Alberta, Idaho, North Dakota and Minnesota had crops affected by frost and rainy conditions leading french fry retailers to look for other sources to meet the fry demand.

“French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand,” Travis Blacker, industry-relations director with the Idaho Potato Commission, said.

Damaged crops lead to smaller potatoes, which don't lend well to fry making.

The U.S. is the fifth largest producer of potatoes in the world, but production is expected to fall by 6.1 percent this year.

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