Police Release Body Cam Footage of Virginia 'Pickup Basketball 911 Call'

July 20, 2018

By: Eyasu Delesa

The footage we've all been waiting for is finally here. Loudon County Police have released body cam footage of the infamous 911 call made during a pick up basketball game at an LA Fitness in Sterling.

 Yes you read that correctly, a dude called the cops after a hard foul in basketball.

In the video, the officer pulls up the gym and asks the front desk assistant where he can find the person who called the cops.

The woman tells the officer that a “member got assaulted” inside the gym and the culprit was still there. 

That's when the two involved subjects approach the officer and start telling their side of the story.

The cop's reaction after hearing the story?

"That sounds like some normal basketball shit," he said.

The 911 caller eventually told the cop he didn't want to press charges after some back-and-forth. Gym management was given the authortiy to decide if they wanted to remove the men from the gym for the day but decided to give them one more chance. 

You can't make this stuff up.

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