This Website Promotes Go-Go Bands For Free

May 24, 2019
A new website promotes Go-Go bands for free!

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By Cameron Jenkins

Go-Go bands now have a new way to promote their shows., created by Malachi Jons, allows bands to be featured on the website for free. He wanted to help promote the bands to existing fans by providing a data base where they can look up venues and performances.

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“This is an easy place for them to look and it's convenient.” Jons told Washington City Paper.

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All bands have to do is fill out a free listing form and submit it by 5 p.m. on Fridays to be featured on the site for the following Monday.

Be’laDona Band, TheChuck Brown Band, and Rare Essence are just some of the bands already featured.

Jons says he hopes to create more exposure for bands if they want it.

“I don’t think bands have to choose between losing the essence of the culture in order to be bigger or staying where they are—they can do both at the same time,” he said. “There can be bands playing every night of the week in D.C. continuing to do what they do, and there can be bands on tour, touring all over the world. Those things are not mutually exclusive.”

For added links to ticket sales and photos to be featured with the performance listing, bands can become members

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