Virginia Declares State Of Emergency Prior To Gun Rally

January 16, 2020
Gov. Ralph Northam declaring a state of emergency ahead of gun rally.

Win McNamee / Getty Images


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has taken saftey precautions by declaring a state of emergency.

The announcement comes after the potential threat of "malicious" activity planned to occur during a gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

"We have received credible intelligence from our law enforcement agencies that there are groups with malicious plans for the rally that is planned for Monday," Northam said at a press conference.

Protestors opposing Virginia Democrats' efforts to support gun control bills will head to Richmond and are expected to be armed, according to NPR.

However, Virginia Citizens Defense League, who is organizing the event, has said that it hopes for a peaceful demonstration.

Still, Gov. Northam is taking necessary measures to ensure public safety.

"Please know that we have been preparing extensively to protect public safety at Monday's rally. But no one wants another incident like the one we saw in Charlottesville in 2017," Northam said.

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