Plaza West Is D.C.'s 'Haven for Grandparents Raising Grandkids' (Listen)

December 19, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Poet Taylor


By Erin Thibeau

"There's a need for our community to have a haven for grandparents that are raising grandkids," Jamarl D. Clark tells WPGC's Poet Taylor. "We've been doing this for years, but our grandparents, they need some help."

Clark is the Grandfamily Community Life Program Manager at Plaza West, which boasts the first housing program in the District (and the the ninth in the country) that's designated for grandparents raising their grandchildren.

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The program was the vision of the late bishop of Bible Way Church, who wanted to create intergenerational housing.

Located in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood  — 1035 4th Street, NW, and 307 K Street, NW — Plaza West has 223 units total, with 50 units set aside for grandfamilies. And there are plenty of units available now, Clark says.

So what are the requirements for these units? You need to be 50 or older, and the children you're caring for need to be 17 or younger. You also need to provide documentation proving you're the legal guardian of the child or children (if you don't have that yet, there are social services that can help).

Listen to the full interview below:

Get in touch with the program at (202) 969-0103 and find out more about Plaza West here.

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