WATCH: Tamia Shares the Secret to a Successful Marriage

July 26, 2018
Tamia and Poet Taylor

Photo by Erin Thibeau

By Erin Thibeau

Grammy-nominated singer Tamia joined WPGC's Poet in the studio to talk about her upcoming album and share her best advice on marriage and parenting.

The singer is "really excited" about her seventh studio album "Passion Like Fire," which drops September 7, and tour

Her husband, Grant Hill, wil be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on that very same day. 

"We do it all together," Tamia told Poet. "I think that it's important for our kids to see us...feeling grateful that we're doing something that we love."

Now how about her famous French toast? On the epsiode of OWN's "Black Love" featuring the couple, Grant said he knew he wanted to marry Tamia when he tried her "bomb French toast" (which he hasn't had since).

"It's become a running joke in our house," she said, confirming that she "actually did make it."

Tamia and Grant have been married for an impressive 19 years. So what's their secret?

"Grant and I are taking it day by day," she said. While the couple always share their "hearts' desires," communication is just one part of a successful marriage.

"I do believe that it's important continue to work on yourself," Tamia told Poet. 

"You cannot look for happiness in someone else, and I believe that when you work on yourself you draw people to you that should be in your life."

Words to live by!

Watch the full interview below:

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