Study Shows Women Tend to be Diagnosed Later than Men

March 26, 2019
A study shows women are diagnosed later than men for the same disease.

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By Cameron Jenkins

It is a common thought that men tend to shy away from the doctor at a higher rate than women, which causes them to get diagnosed later in their lifetime for various diseases.

But a recent Danish study suggests that the opposite could be true.

Across over one hundred various diseases and with data spaning about 6.9 million Danish people, women were found to be diagnosed an average of  four years later than their male counterparts for the same disease, Reuters reported.

Lead author of the research, Søren Brunak, told Reuters that the findings were a bit shocking.

"Men generally have a tendency to get to the doctor later... So presumably the difference in onset is even larger" he said.

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It makes you think: could those statistics possibly be similar or worse here in the states?

The latest report from the CDC shows that women in the United States are still more likely to attend annual physicals and doctors appointments in comparison to men.

The statistics on actual diagnosis however, are still unclear as black women have been proven to be ignored within the healthcare system.

Regardless, it is never to early to begin to take care of yourself and get a grip on your health.

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