Students Outraged Over Gun Raffle For Graduation Party

April 15, 2019
Students in Frederick County are upset by a gun raffle for their graduation party.

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The irony of a gun raffle carried out by a program called Safe and Sane was not lost on Frederick County students.

Safe and Sane, a program that sponsors an alcohol-free graduation party for high school seniors, raffled away hunting rifles and shotguns to benefit the students of Brunswick High School, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Though the fundraiser did not sell tickets to people under 18 and required background checks, students felt that the sale was inappropriate.

"I think just the idea of selling weapons when you’re talking about high schoolers and you’re talking about high schooler safety is ridiculous and is completely ignoring the bigger picture,” Lorettta Donoghue, a senior at the school, told Federick News Post.

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The raffle was organized by parent volunteer Chasidy Plunkard, who told the Frederick News Post that the fundraiser was meant to appeal to adults in the area who enjoy hunting.

“Whether they get the gun through a gun raffle or they go purchase it themselves at R&R, they’re going to get it. It’s not like we’re selling assault rifles. They’re hunting rifles.” Plunkard told the News Post

A total of 250 tickets were sold out of 1,000 and seven winning tickets were selected.

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