Q. Allen King Reveals He Was Homeless When He Wrote 'Can a Woman Raise a Man?'

July 12, 2018
Q. Allen King

Q. Allen King


By: Eyasu Delesa

Q. Allen King was homeless and struggling with substance abuse when he wrote the book that would change his life. 

King, the author of "Can a Woman Raise a Man?" the book turned stage play, opened up to WPGC's Poet about his life journey.

"I was homeless...when I wrote this book. I had got divorced, lost everything. Had turned to alcohol heavy...was trying to put coke up my nose, it was crazy," King told Poet. "God began to really just put me back together through the cathartic writing of this piece." 

King revealed that he would sneak into an abandoned computer lab  to write. It took him ten days to finish the book, which took off upon its release.

Little did King know that the book that took him ten days to write would up becoming the first ever black play to have a residency in Las Vegas.

The play isn't meant for men-bashing either, King says.

The show is set for Friday, July 27 through Sunday, July 29, at The Lincoln Theatre. You can buy tickets here or win tickets by listening to WPGC all week.

Listen to the full interview below:

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