Private School Which Segregated Students by Race Ends Policy

July 2, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime


By: Eyasu Delesa

A Manhattan private school that had segregated students into their homerooms by race has ended the policy following widespread backlash from parents, according to NBC New York.

Little Red School House in West Village placed students of color in specific homerooms together, NBC New York reports. The school director, Phil Kassen, confirmed that the school had been separating  the students in a letter to parents and guardians dated June 27.

The policy "came about after much conversation with the faculty and was prompted by a conversation with a number of recent graduates, reflecting on their experience at LREI and suggesting that we create greater opportunities for connection and support," Kassen said in his letter.

It was created to “to better support our students of color,” he continued. 

When parents heard about the policy, many were very unhappy and others also mentioned that the segregation had been going on longer than one school year, the New York Post said.

“My daughter who is 11 was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy. They are talking about separating by color,’” a parent told the New York Post. “And I was thinking how antiquated is this? This is backwards. It’s almost like segregation now.”

It costs $ 45,485 per year to attend Little Red School House.

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