Police Suspend Officer Supected Of Leaking Video Of Delonte West

January 22, 2020

Several members of the NBA community as well as fans responded with an outcry of support and concern after videos circulated on social media showing former NBA player Delonte West being beaten and handcuffed.

One depicted a West laid on the ground just ahead of the Indian Head Highway exit on I-495 and stommped on by another unidentified man.

The other showed him with his hands cuffed behind his back while sitting on a sidewalk.

Prince George's County Police responded to the incident in Oxon Hill on Monday after receiving a call.

When they arrived the men were no longer fighting but one man was visibly bleeding from his face.

Police then made the decision to handcuff West.

After further investigation and both men refusing medical attention and refusing to press charges, they were both released.

The Prince George's County Police Department has since made it known that one of the viral videos was taken an officer.

“[Tuesday> at 12:15 pm, we learned the video that is currently on social media depicting the male in handcuffs was recorded by a Prince George’s County Police officer. The circumstances surrounding the recording and release of that video are now the subject of an internal investigation. That officer is now suspended pending the outcome of this investigation,” the department shared in a news release.

While there is an investigation underway to solve how the video was leaked, many on Twitter are more concerned with West's personal well-being.

Some have even called for the NBA to step in and help.

The NBA has not yet made an official statement concerning the incidents.

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