Police Investigating After Officer Tased Man At U Street Station

June 24, 2019

File Photo - ferar / Getty Images


Metro Transit Police has opened an investigation into an incident Saturday that prompted a man to be tased at the U Street station.

In a video that gained traction on social media, two Metro Police officers are seen questioning two men who authorities say were interfering with a police investigation while another is seen contained on a bench.  

While the two men are speaking, a third officer approaches one of the men and makes contact with him. After a few seconds, the officer aims his taser at the man, who is eventually contained.

The video surfaced on social media and drew notable attention, with many criticizing Metro Transit Police for unnecessarily allowing the incident to escalate.

“I’ve just seen this video & the actions of the officer involved escalated the interaction into a dangerous confrontation - could have led to greater injury & damages public trust,” said Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen in a tweet.

Metro Police said the incident came Saturday night after police were called to the station for a report of disorderly juveniles threatening Metro riders. Several juveniles were detained and subsequently released because officers couldn’t identify a victim.

Police said while two juveniles were speaking to the officers, an adult man who wasn’t involved in the original incident allegedly started to interfere with the investigation, resulting in the encounter shown in the video.

“The investigation will review all available facts and evidence, including witness statements and videos posted on social media,” Metro Police said in a statement.

Council member Robert White said in a tweet “the violent and dangerous escalation here by @wmata Transit Police is terrifying.”

White said he contacted WMATA’s police chief.

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