Officer Who Tased Unarmed Black Man at U St. Metro Still on Duty

June 25, 2019

Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images


By Scott Gelman

The District has opted not to press charges against the man who was tased multiple times in an encounter with Metro Transit Police at the U Street station last weekend. 

In a video shared on social media, police tase Tapiwa Musonza four times, his lawyer told WPGC. While two men are seen speaking to two officers, a third officer engages with Musonza and eventually tases him. 

Metro Police said officers were called to the station for a report of disorderly juveniles. While the two juveniles spoke to the officers, police said Musonza, who wasn’t involved in the original incident, started to interfere with the investigation. The interference caused the encounter depicted in the video, police said.

Lee Smith III, Musonza’s lawyer, said Musonza was on his way to his mother’s house at the time of the incident. 

Smith said Musonza, who was in prison for two days, was in tears upon being released Monday. 

“He was tased four times, it’s ridiculous,” Smith said. “It was a traumatic experience.” 

Smith said Musonza first approached the officers because he was “trying to calm the situation down.” 

A Metro Police spokesman told WPGC the officer involved in the incident Saturday is still on duty despite the agency’s ongoing investigation into the incident. 

After the video surfaced on social media, council member Robert White said he contacted WMATA’s police chief. WPGC has contacted White’s office to obtain the agency’s response. 

Ward 6 council member Charles Allen said in a tweet the incident “could have led to greater injury & damages public trust.” Allen sent a letter to Metro Police requesting the officer involved be placed on non-contact status.

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