Montgomery County Official Says He Was Racially Profiled During Traffic Stop

June 11, 2019

vmargineanu / Getty Images

A Montgomery County council member believes he was the victim of racial profiling after being pulled over last weekend.

Council member Will Jawando was stopped for stopping on the stop line at a traffic light, he wrote in a tweet. He told the police officer he was on Montgomery County’s city council and received a warning after his license and registration were checked.

The warning came after Jawando told the officer he didn’t have any outstanding points or warrants.

After the incident, Jawando said he believed he was the victim of a “pretextual stop,” during which police officers pull someone over to look for an unrelated issue.

“But I couldn’t stop thinking about what happens to the young man or woman who’s not a lawyer or a county councilmember, hasn’t honed their training on how to survive a stop, has an outstanding traffic ticket or bench warrant they don’t know about and how this situation could have escalated,” Jawando said in the post.

Jawando used the incident as an example of encounters that prevent the public from trusting law enforcement officials.

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