Mid-Day Shenanigans: Summer Walker, Loudoun County, Colin Kaepernick

November 14, 2019

Happy Friday eve, DMV! You're one day closer to the weekend. 

Make sure to tune in to Mid-Day Shenanigans with Poet daily starting at 10 a.m. Here's a look at what she's talking about today. 

Disney+ Issues Warning Before Some Programs

Before watching some Disney+ programs, the outlet issued a warning that says viewers could see "outdated cultural depictions."

Cyntoia Brown-Long Has Something To Say To Her Husband's Haters

Cyntoia Brown-Long had a bold response to a social media user who claimed Jamie Long is just with her for the fame.

Summer Walker Won't Finish Her Tour

Because of social anxiety, Summer Walker announced she won't complete her tour. The Internet wasn't happy with that response.

#SummerWalker will not finish her tour, due to her #social #anxiety. She will play some remaining dates.

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Vivica Fox Isn't Hiding Her 'Set It Off' Remake Feelings

She doesn't think it's cute.

Wisconsin Bus Driver Saves Kids From The Cold

She pulled over and helped them after noticing them walking in 18 degree weather.

Virginia Attorney General Investigating Loudoun County Schools

Virginia's Attorney General is investigating a claim that African American students in Loudoun County weren't given an equal opportunity to be a part of certain programs.

Twinkies Cereal Is A Thing

Gross or rush to the store and buy?

Colin Kaepernick Is Getting A Workout

Teams will watch former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick workout, and some are saying Jay-Z had something to do with it. 

Nas Can Teach A Thing Or Two About Investing

He listed his daughter as a prodcuer so she can cash in on some additional checks.

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