Mid-Day Shenanigans: Redskins, Straws, Thanksgiving

November 22, 2019
FedEx Field

Doug Pensinger / Staff / Getty Images


Happy Friday DMV! The weekend has arrived, and your girl Poet is here to help get it started. Here are the stories that have her talking today.

A Plastic Straw Ban Is Coming To Prince George's County

How do y'all feel about those paper straws?

Redskins Tickets Aren't Very Expensive

So the Redskins are playing at home Sunday, and tickets are selling for $4. You didn't read that incorrectly.

What's The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish In Your State?

You'd be surprised at some of these responses.

Salad Recalled For E. Coli

About 100,000 pounds of salad sold at popular grocery stores has been recalled for potential E. Coli contamination.

A Husky Allegedly Smelled Out Woman's Cancer

A Wisconsin woman had her dog make her away of her cancer before a doctor diagnosed it.

AI System Could Predict Epileptic Seizures

The seizures could be detected about an hour before they happen.

75-Year-Old Shot With BB Gun

A 75-year-old woman was shot with a BB gun and punched in D.C.

Here's How You Can Deliver A Letter From Santa To A Low-Income Child

The USPS is working to help deliver gifts to low-income children.

'Sober Bars' Proving Effective For Alcoholics In Recovery

The bars serve coffee instead of alcohol.

Shaq Just Opened An $80 Million Residential Building In New Jersey

The Newark building will likely be a hot spot.

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