Mid-Day Shenanigans: OBJ, Dollar Tree, Lunch Box Shaming

November 19, 2019
Dollar Tree

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images


Happy Tuesday village! Your girl Poet has a bit on her mind today. Here are the stories that have her talking. 

Is The NFL Targeting OBJ?

Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. think the NFL is targeting him after the organization drug tested him twice in a week. OBJ said nobody is getting tested as frequently as he is.

A Man Had A Bad Reaction To His Bedding 

Feather bedding left a man from Scotland seriously ill. His lung tissue became notably inflamed, according to a report.

Dollar Tree Allegedly Sold Unsafe Drugs

The FDA said some of the drugs sold at Dollar Tree came from foreign manufacturers and were "serious violations of federal law."

Alabama Teachers Suspended After Group Chat About Students Discovered

Teachers at an Alabama high school were suspended after being accused of discussing their students in private text messages.

Pair Creates Fantasy Football Program For Hospitalized Children

The program, called Pass It Forward, is offering fantasy football at Lurie Children's Hospital.

Older People Might Have Cells That Help Them Live Longer

A new report suggests those who are 110 years old and older have cells that keep them alive for longer.

There's A New Beyonce Wax Figure

We're not sure how we feel about it.

Colin Kaepernnick Boasted Kunta Kinte Shirt At NFL Workout

People are criticizing the shirt choice.

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