Mayor Bowser Wants to Move Sports Betting Revenue to General Fund

March 26, 2019
dc mayor muriel bowser

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By Cameron Jenkins

Mayor Bowser recently released her new budget and one item in particular has sparked a lot of controversy -- sports betting revenue.

When the measure was originally introduced by Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) last year it included a dedication of funds to early childhood education and youth violence prevention. It is now being considered whether or not the revenue should be alotted to a general fund instead, WAMU reported.

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“[W]e think the better way to approach this from a policy perspective is to allow those resources to flow to the general fund, determine what our policy priorities are, and make those funding decisions accordingly,” city administrator Rahad Young said, according to WAMU.

Many believe that if the revenue is not specifically dedicated to the programs that they will eventually be overlooked and the money will be spent elsewhere.

“My mindset was we wanted to see that additional funding [for the two programs],”said Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), according to WAMU

The current budget proposal designates $5 million towards child care, $3 million to the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagment and still includes $200,000 towards programs for gambling addiction, according to the report.

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