Kim Kardashian's 7Hollywood Cover Causes Controversy Concerning Blackface

December 20, 2019
Kim Kardashian faces backlash after photo with seemingly darker skin.

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Kim Kardashian has found herself at the center of another embroiling controversy.

This time the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has been called out on several social media platforms for a recent shoot in which she appears to be a darker skin tone.

Wearing Mugler Private Archives for @7hollywood_mag. ✨✨✨ WHAT A DREAM ✨✨✨ Art Direction by @manfredthierrymugler. Photographed by @alixmalka Styled by @maryammalakpour Make Up @makeupbymario Hair @peter.savic Video @sunset_edit

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The shoot has sparked a lot of mixed feelings and several people have referred to it as an instance of blackface.

"I feel so sorry for people of colour who come online and have to see people like Kim Kardashian and co just doing casual blackface{*} Kardashians keep culture appropriating, then give a half ass apology then move onto to their next money making scandal," @liza_pops wrote on Twitter.

Amanda Seales, of HBO's "Insecure", commented on the photo in her own Instagram post, which she captioned "ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?"

She followed it up with a thorough explanation of what she found to be wrong with the photo, saying that Kardashian attempted to look like Beyoncé or Diahann Carroll.

Another Twitter user commented on the photo writing "@amandaseales is absolutely right! A lot of y'all are so weak minded and brainwashed by what some of these white people WANT us to believe that y'all can't see that she's speaking nothing but truth #KimKardashianDoesBlackface."

But there were still others who were not offended by the photo.

"No this is not blackface. It’s also not cultural appropriation. And while there is something to be said about double standards when it comes to the acceptance/reverence of Blackness in mainstream media, this is misdirected anger at its finest," @chantelchavon tweeted.

"Ok, this woman is naturally olive skinned. Does she ran and wear bronzer? Yes, but cut the cultural appropriation accusations. Its nonsense
I can't believe I'm defending Kim," @patriot_mother tweeted.

Where do you stand on the controversy?

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