Howard President Urges D.C. Residents Not to Walk Pets on Campus

April 23, 2019
New D.C. residents at odds with Howard University students for walking their dogs on campus.

Win McNamee/Getty Images


Howard University’s president is urging D.C. residents not to bring their pets onto campus property days after students expressed their frustration with locals who do.

In a letter to students and faculty, President Wayne A. I. Frederick said the university will accommodate service animals but that the university community “wants to see this area remain pristine and symbolic of all that Howard University represents.”

The dog-walking debate is the latest in the city's conversation about the impact of gentrification. Long-time D.C. residents believe newcomers fail to appreciate the city’s cultural past. A debate over go-go music outside of a Shaw Metro PCS store earlier this month prompted similar discussions.

Students used social media to address their concerns, stating the campus isn’t a dog park.

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Frederick said he contacted the local Advisory Neighborhood Committee and councilwoman to discuss the matter.

“We are aware of the concerns regarding dog walking across campus,” Frederick wrote. “Howard is a private institution nestled in the heart of an urban city and we’ve shared a long-standing positive relationship with our evolving community for more than 150 years, which we look forward to continuing in the future.”

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