Howard Students Say School Doesn't Provide Scholarship, Counseling Support

July 25, 2019

Howard University students are sharing stories on social media suggesting the university hasn’t worked to help students seeking financial support. 

Using the hashtag #HUForgot on the new Twitter page HearUsHU, some students highlighted the lack of scholarships available and the lack of support students who have experienced depression or assault receive from the school.

“Ppl out here with excellent academic standing & still losing their scholarships & grants,” a tweet from someone identified as Asaya S. said. 

“Please stop believing that people not receiving their scholarships are their own faults because I met the GPA requirement and submitted my FAFSA on time so could someone please explain to me why my grants aren't in my financial aid package?” another tweet the HearUsHU account retweeted said. 

In a statement, the university said there isn’t a financial aid or scholarship crisis at the university. 

WPGC contacted Howard University for comment on the account’s tweets.

“Howard University has not canceled any scholarships for students who have met the eligibility requirements,” the school said. 

While some students focused on their scholarships, others said in tweets that the university didn’t do enough to support their mental health. 

“#HUForgot makes me so sad and discouraged. As students, who are far away from home, who are we supposed to turn to for support and counseling?” another tweet said. 

The messages from the account come after university President Wayne Frederick said in a letter that the campus received threats of gun violence.

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