Felons in D.C. May Soon Regain Voting Rights

June 6, 2019
D.C. may restore voting rights to convicted felons.

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D.C. residents serving time with felony convictions may be able to vote in the near future.

The District is seeking to pass a bill that would allow felons to vote while incarcerated.

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“Those who have been convicted do not lose their constitutional protections. They do not lose their civil rights. They do not lose their citizenship,” Councilmember Robert White said.

White was among D.C. councilmembers who unanimously showed support of the bill.

If the bill is passed, D.C. will join Vermont and Maine, which currently have laws in place protecting incarcerated felons rights to vote.

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"We have to treat these people like people. And diagnose the problem. It's not more police, more police. We've tried that and it's not working," White said.

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